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Change the Game

Change the Game is an initiative from Google Play to support and empower women as game players and creators.

Firebase Community

Engage with the team and get to know other Firebase developers

Firebase virtual meetups

A series of virtual meetups where we bring together Firebasers and groups of developers in an intimate 1:1 online setting.


A Google startups community and conference focused on business aspects of mobile gaming.

Generation Google scholarship: for women in gaming

Scholarship program to support students pursuing gaming degrees to advance gender equality in gaming. Helps aspiring students pursuing gaming degrees, excel in technology, and become leaders in the field.

Indie Games Accelerator

Get education & mentorship to supercharge your growth with the Indie Games Accelerator. If you are a small games studio looking to grow a games company, this is the program for you.

Indie Games Festival

The Indie Games Festival from Google Play is your chance to get your game noticed by industry experts and players worldwide. Enter your game to win promotions and prizes that can put your game in the spotlight.

Play Academy

Free training for Android developers. Learn how to succeed on Google Play.

Stadia Makers

Learn more about our first step into an expansion of self-publishing for experienced independent game developers.