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Turn your game into a successful business by seamlessly growing and monetizing your player base.

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Ads Data Hub

Join Google ad data with your own data while maintaining end-user privacy

Ads Data Hub

Tailor your marketing measurement approach to your unique business needs. Ads Data Hub enables customized analysis that aligns with your specific business objectives, while respecting user privacy and upholding Google’s high standards of data security.

With Ads Data Hub, you can upload your first-party data into BigQuery and join it with Google event-level ad campaign data. Combining your data with Google event data can unlock insights, improve advertising efficiency, help you achieve data-driven business goals, and yield more effective campaign optimization.

Results from Ads Data Hub are aggregated over a group of users, which allows Google to provide more complete data and still maintain end-user privacy.

App campaigns for installs

Find more players that will love your game

Google Ads

Promote your mobile game on Google Search, Play, YouTube, and more. All you need to do is add a few lines of text, some images or videos, and your bid. We’ll do the rest.

Find different types of players for your game with App campaigns. You may want to get installs for a new game or focus on driving in-game actions. Once you choose your goal, our technology will optimize your app ads to reach new players who are likely to take the action you want.

Our systems will test and learn to serve ads that perform the best for you.

Google Play Billing

Simplify the process of selling digital content in your games

Google Play

Enable buyers across 190+ countries to make simple and secure transactions in your game with their local currency and other regional forms of payment.

Sell digital content in your games, whether in-app products or subscriptions. Google Play handles checkout details so you never have to directly process any financial transactions, and your customers experience a consistent and familiar purchase flow.

The Google Play Billing Library simplifies the development process for billing, allowing you to focus your efforts on implementing logic specific to your game.

Google Play Games on PC

Enable immersive and seamless gameplay sessions between a phone, tablet, Chromebook, and Windows PC

Google Play Games

Google Play Games on PC brings the best of Google Play to more laptops and desktops, enabling immersive and seamless gameplay sessions between a phone, tablet, Chromebook, and Windows PC. Players can easily browse, download, and play their favorite mobile games on their PCs, while taking advantage of larger screens with mouse and keyboard inputs.

Instant play games

Reach 100s of millions of new gamers with instant play

Google Play

Get new players to try your game by publishing an 'Instant play' game in the Play Games app.

The instant play program allows developers of small games to package their full game using Google Play Instant, with support for in-app purchases and ads. Instant play games are featured and promoted to users on the homepage of the Google Play Games app.


Maximize your ad revenue by serving ads from multiple sources


Setup, manage, and optimize multiple mobile ad networks with just one Software Development Kit (SDK) integration. 

Grow your revenue by working with multiple advertising sources to create competition for your ad inventory. Make sure you get the best value for every impression by prioritizing your advertising sources using historical revenue data.

Fill your ad requests from anywhere in the world using AdMob, one of the largest global ad networks to amplify lasting game revenue.

Subscription APIs

Add subscription-specific features to your game

Google Play

Sell subscriptions through Google Play Billing to provide players with access to content and features on an ongoing basis.

Get the tools and actionable intelligence to grow your subscription games with Google Play's subscription platform. You can quickly and easily get set up with Google Play Billing providing access to customizable subscription options and management features to help you attract and retain more customers. 

Google Play handles the checkout details so your players will get a familiar, reliable, and secure experience—and your game never has to process financial transactions.

Voided purchases API

Create a more balanced and fair experience for all of your players

Google Play

Implement a revocation system to prevent players from accessing products from orders associated with voided purchases.

Strengthen your strategy to address undesired behavior in your game with the Voided Purchases API. It provides a list of orders that are associated with purchases that a player has voided, helping you to provide a fair experience for all your players.

Keep your players in mind when designing your revocation policies and strategies—there are many reasons to void a purchase and that there is no single solution that works in all cases.

A/B Testing

Optimize your game experience through experimentation


Intelligently grow your game with Firebase A/B Testing making it easy to run, analyze, and scale product and marketing experiments.

Customize experiments to suit your unique needs. You determine what elements you want to test, which players to target, what parameters to put in place, and how many variants to include.

Test changes to your game’s UI, features, or messaging campaigns to see if they’re actually achieving your business goals. This gives you the knowledge you need to only roll out changes that drive real results.

Ad Formats

Choose the right kind of ads for your game.


Choose the way your ads look, and where they appear in your game to create a customized experience for your players.

Stay in full control of the process while millions of advertisers compete for your ad space. Maximize your earnings by using the right combination of ad formats to seamlessly integrate into your game. 

Earn even more while enhancing your players’ experience with ads from rich media to video to interactive. Whatever suits your game.

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