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Engage your players
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Engage your players

Delight players and build communities that keep them invested in your game.

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Make expert YouTube videos people will watch, love, and share


Reach and engage new players by advertising your game on YouTube. Learn to use the tools that will take your creative to the next level and optimize your campaign.

Get to know the YouTube ecosystem and some of the strategies behind its creative content. Build a media plan to help you reach your audience, hold their attention, and earn their love.

With a full suite of strategies and analytics tools, YouTube ads will help you grow your game’s audience by targeting potential players with great creative.

Clean Chat

Anti-Toxicity for Games

Google Cloud

Clean Chat is an open source solution to eliminate or mitigate toxic behavior in online multiplayer video games, with the goals of making games more enjoyable and inclusive for all.

In large open multiplayer games, toxicity is rampant. Clean Chat provides the ability to proactively detect toxicity in voice and text chat, and provides scores to game moderation services or player support personnel.

The project provides a globally scalable framework for training, deploying, and maintaining low-latency anti-toxicity models.

Custom store listings

Create custom store listings to target specific countries

Google Play

With custom store listings, you can tailor your game’s store listing to appeal to specific player segments in countries that you select.

If your game has a global audience, you can use custom store listings to accurately showcase your game’s features and communicate what’s great about your game in ways that are relevant to players in different countries. You can also use custom store listings specifically for your pre-registration campaigns.

For each custom store listing, you can customize your game’s title, icon, descriptions, and graphic assets to make sure your players get the information that’s right for them.

Google Play Instant

Let players try an instant version of your game before installing

Google Play

With Google Play Instant, players can tap to try your game without installing it first.

Increase engagement with your Android game and gain more installs by surfacing your instant app across the Play Store, Google Search, social networks, and anywhere you share a link.

Android’s app publishing format, the Android App Bundle, makes it easier than ever to offer a Google Play Instant experience. Starting from the Android Studio 3.3 beta release, you can build and publish one app bundle artifact to Google Play containing both instant and dynamic feature modules. Build instant games easily with Cocos and Unity plug-ins.

Play Games Services

Enable seamless sign-in and multi-device cloud saves with Google Play Games Services

Google Play

Use the Google Play Console to manage games services and configure metadata for authorizing and authenticating your game.

Use analytics to understand how players are progressing, spending, and churning in your game and drive player retention by capturing metrics and feedback that can improve your game. 

Easily update your game metadata with the Google Play games services Management API, and automate your game production and distribution tasks with the Google Play games services Publishing API.

Store listing experiments

Convert more visits to installs with store listing experiments

Google Play

Get more installs by using store listing experiments to find the best icon, images, video, and descriptions for your game on Google Play.

A/B test changes to your store listing on subsets of your players so that you can make changes, backed by data, that lead to more installs and retention.

Store listing experiment performance metrics are reported hourly, so you can quickly apply the best variant and iterate to confirm and improve your findings.

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