Advocating for everyone

Hear from Archosaur on their their DEI initiatives, their personal experience in the industry, and how their company focuses on building and supporting a diverse gamer community.

Our Community speaks

At Matchingham Games we believe diversity is one of the major elements that helped us create innovative games that reach hundreds of millions of players worldwide. We embrace diversity and inclusion not just in our company culture, but also during our design, production, LiveOps, and even marketing processes. It has been essential to our ability to publish more than 20 successful mobile titles and well-known brands in less than three years.

Fatih Haltas, CEO, Matchingham Games

At Octro, DEI has become the fabric of our organization. Being a leader in the gaming industry, we believe it is important that our games resonate well with different spheres of races, gender, and culture. To ensure DEI remains a guidepost for all our actions, we've created a diverse panel which did an in-depth analysis of the functions of different Octro departments. This helped us identify the departments such as Creative Design and Product Management that have a greater impact on our customers, along with along with their key actions and work tasks. We then developed a metric to tailor our game offerings to a more diverse audience. We've learned a lot from this initiative. Most importantly, it has helped us understand the daily routines of different personas so we can make sure that our games fit into the lives of people, rather than the other way around. As a result, we've improvised our game’s creative assets, tournament timings, playing habits, and overall aesthetics -- all of which now represent a broader and more universal user base.

Vikram Gupta, Head of Products, Octro

We used to have quite a few games that catered to a male audience, with male protagonists and male-oriented gameplay themes, not to mention all-male design teams. This year, we've made a point of looking into DEI, in both our company and our latest games. We're doing our best to make sure we have a mix of ethnicities and genders in our design and marketing teams. Extending equal opportunities to everyone in turn shaped the games that we created and published. We understand that our portfolio of earlier merge games had a large percentage of female players even though their themes were less female-oriented. We recently launched Merge Restaurant, a more casual game that all genders and age groups could enjoy.

Vincent Low, CEO, Potato Play