Designing for inclusivity

Supercell recognizes the importance of creating games representative of all players, and is working on incorporating DEI in legacy games, to include protagonists that represent a wide range of values and introduce new cards to rosters of live games like Royale.

Our Community speaks

At Arkadium, we believe that differing points of view leads to superior outcomes. We strive for diversity in the games we create -- this includes games that are accessible to all adults and player avatars that represent diverse ages, races, abilities, and genders.

Jessica Rovello, Executive Chair and Co-founder, Arkadium

Diversity and inclusion is a cultural imprint in Mattel163\'s games. From UNO! Mobile to Phase 10 Mobile to Skip-Bo Mobile, we've brought more than 300 million players together through innovative gameplay that transcends gender, culture, and age. Our in-game events are designed to appeal to a broad range of interests and celebrate cultures from all over the world. At Mattel163, we make sure every innovation starts with inclusion.

Amy Huang, CEO of Mattel163

At Neowiz, we strive to provide uniquely inclusive game experiences by forming and growing a development team that welcomes ongoing constructive feedback and deeply understands various games, and among them, female-oriented games. <Guitar Girl> and <Oh My ANNE> are particularly differentiated from games of similar genres by their focus on stories, characters, and emotional art that female users can relate to, such as <Guitar Girl>’s chatting story and <Oh My ANNE>’s story cutscene. We''ll continue to challenge ourselves to develop games that the greatest possible variety of users can enjoy.

Oh Wonshik, PD, NEOWIZ

At Rovio, we believe in creating content that provides a safe and welcoming space for our gaming audience. To that end, we published the first version of our Games & Marketing Content Guidelines, which is accessible to all 500+ employees, as a playbook on inclusive game design and marketing. This document will be renewed regularly, so we can continue to deliver high-value experiences to our players in our rapidly changing industry.

Heini Kaihu, Chief Sustainability Officer, Rovio Entertainment Corporation