Hiring for diversity

Hear from MobilityWare on how they focus on creating games for underserved players, and match the focus on their diverse audience with a focus on a diverse workforce.

Our Community speaks

At Agate, we welcome talented crews regardless of their personal identities and backgrounds. We have people of various ethnicities from all over Indonesia working together, which empowers us to introduce game characters in all different shades of color. We also introduced a company policy offering period leave for our female employees, which is rarely implemented in Indonesia -- to attract a diverse candidate pool. Echoing our motto, \'Live the Fun Way,\' we want our games to color the world, and make it a happier place for all to live in.

Aditia Dwiperdana, Chief Studio Officer, Agate International

Player & Employee Diversity is more than just a checkbox for Blitz. It extends down to the core of what we do and the values that guide us. Creating a safe and accessible environment for anyone to improve around the world has allowed us to successfully operate in 230 countries.

Adil Virani, Co-Founder, Blitz, Inc.

At Homa, we believe that true diversity is key to good technology. This is because we believe real growth is the result of genuine diversity -- the widest possible range of nationalities, backgrounds, skill sets, and experiences – working toward a single objective. If you’ve got the smarts, the energy and the motivation, there are no barriers to keep you from going far here. We believe that diversity improves employees’ well-being and happiness; that it boosts creativity and innovation, in every aspect of our business; that it helps to attract, develop and retain great talent that can thrive and do their best work at Homa; that it empowers relatable mobile games, and enables our expansion into new and increasingly diverse markets. This year, we've partnered with Google to support diversity and inclusion in the gaming industry -- to empower the next generation and offer inspiration and opportunities to female students in the gaming industry.

Daniel Nathan, Founder & CEO, Homa

Unity’s Global Inclusion team works alongside leadership and the entire organization to build strong, diverse, and inclusive teams. In the past few years, we've accelerated this critical work to include establishing nine global Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), developing and delivering training such as anti-racism leadership training, inclusion training for all employees, and training to mitigate bias for for recruiters and hiring managers in candidate outreach and interviews, establishing an inclusion workshop for new hire onboarding, and much more. We’re proud to share the details of this work in our latest ESG report.

Tai Wingfield, Global Inclusion Lead, Unity