Puzzling.com achieves 38K pre-registered users with App campaigns for pre-registration

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United Kingdom based Puzzling.com has been developing and publishing puzzle games for a wide variety of platforms since 1988.

The challenge

Puzzling.com, developer of hit games “Puzzle Page” and “Picture Cross,” has historically slowly released and built its games organically over time. With the puzzle market only becoming more competitive, however, it realized it needed to pivot its launch strategy. Publishing a new free to play title would also be challenging and expensive, so the studio used App campaigns for pre-registration to give the new launch of “Picture Cross Color” on Google Play a competitive edge.

The approach

First, Puzzling.com ran a two-week-long campaign to drive pre-registrations in the United States — its top and most competitive market. Following all of Google’s best practices, it also developed customized creatives offering users that pre-register in advance of the game launch an exclusive token reward. Lastly, it maintained competitive bids.

The results

Using App campaigns for pre-registration, Puzzling.com achieved more than 38,000 pre-registrations globally. The developer also saw phenomenal results in the US – the campaign achieved a click-through rate 2.5X higher than original projections, demonstrating strong engagement from users who saw the ad. In addition, the campaign achieved a high pre-registration to install conversion rate of 80% and generated a 20% return on ad spend (ROAS) within the first month of launch.

“This was our first experience running an App campaign for pre-registration, and I recommend them.  It’s a great way to ensure your game gets off to a flying start.”

Andrew Williamson, Co-Founder, Puzzling.com



United Kingdom

The Goals
  • Build player interest and generate excitement for upcoming game launch
  • Generate an early user base ahead of the new game launch on Google Play
The Results
  • 38K pre-registrations globally over two week period
  • 2.5X higher click-through rate than original projections
  • 80% pre-registration to install conversion rate